we are Kashi Riders ......

"When traveling in Varanasi, does it matter if you are a resident or a visitor?Do you want it to matter? Do you want a boat Ride? Or a city ride? Normally, you would have to wait for others, wait for a secure boat, wait for a cab to arrive or, sit behind someone else driving.

A solution to all these problems would be moving on your own, right? If you like that, we can make this an experience of a lifetime! You need a boat? It's easy and secure - through Kashi Riders! Now book a boat of your choice at actual, un-inflated price and get a secure ride to the celestial Ganges. Now what about city ride? What if we provided you with a scooty now? Imagine someone just hands you one, lets you take it where you want to go around the city! We are a solid friend to have - a friend who just gets you to explore Varanasi on your terms!

So, how about teaming up with Kashi Riders this time! We're the friends who makes life easy and comfortable for you in Varanasi!"